An Everlasting Smile

“We’re fed up of life!” like my mom just yell that out right now. Not at me, nor at anyone else. Maybe just expressing her agonized heart. But it felt funny you know. I mean it feels very weird, each and every person around us expressing their problem. Yet we still think that we’re the only one who faces the hellhole. I mean isn’t it a bit wrong? We all can’t possibly be the damsel in distress yeah! Or is it just that we consider ourselves in hellhole when people see us in the hellhole. I mean like, almost two weeks ago, it was drizzling a lot. I left school around 16:25. At that time, the school was a bit crowded- with college teens especially. Roaming and lingering around like rabbits and deer. Some exploring, some recalling their moments.

I met two girls. They seemed to be of the same state but different regions. “Hey, you know where Marine Drive is?” I’m sure you shall think that it’s the lamest question ever asked by someone. But what if the person who asked is not from Mumbai? Well in that case, the question isn’t lame. I gave them the directions. They were happy you know. Had that million dollar smile on their faces. Then I went ahead. On my own way back home.

As I had said already, it was drizzling. It was lovely actually, walking on a bridge upon the flying rail-cars. I again met person there. I think he was in his late thirties. Walking swiftly towards nowhere (for me). At the same time, I don’t know why but I started playing with my raincoat cap. It was only attached from the center you know. Holding it firm with both hands at either side of my cheeks, I was literally walking like a toddler. It has got very weird design; I still hate it you know. That guy of late thirties; he saw me and started smiling. You may think that it’s odd; to smile at a stranger. But I’m telling you, it’s the best feeling in the world. It is been proved in psychology that if you look into a person’s eyes for like 5 minutes; you shall eventually come very close to that person, even if he’s a stranger. Well then what’s wrong at smiling at a stranger? Maybe you can make his day by giving him a million dollar smile; or better – make your own day perfect by smiling at a stranger. I bet it can cease more than 80% of your hassle. Like if you observe properly, I’m sure you’ll find at least one person whom you always meet from your way from home to work or vice versa. Like how I smile at that pet-dog guy whom I always meet or the body guard of the nearby fire temple. Please smile at them, make everyone’s day including yours. Spread good vibes and cease the tensions because when you’re left with nothingness, it’s your memories who’ll give you the best company. Remember them, cry for the best happy memories and laugh at your stupid bad memories of fights with your friends.

This life’s tough, like damn tough. You gotta have a perfect career, perfect home and love and money and all those dramatic things. But in between of all this shits, I, you, we all really forget the beauty of this life. We need to take a small break from all of this drama, take a deep breath, and start using or in other words, wasting time in doing something like this, blog like me, sing, dance, roam or maybe just sit and observe all those tiny important things of your life.

If you’ve read this whole post till here or let’s get it straight, if you’re reading this, I hope you reveal the best out of your life and keep smiling throughout the day as well as in the future, and yeah also make other people smile. According to science, it’s contagious, you know, a person’s smile. Take care and have a nice day!!



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