C or C? (Part 1)


I’ve been longing to write about this topic, like truly saying, I had planned to write on this since I started this blog. Alright so C or C? I know the indication is really vague, so let’s make it more humble; Country or City? If we think more logically or technically, a city resides inside a country so it doesn’t make any sense at all but what if we think about it on Musical or Photographic or Personality way? Ring a bell? Yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about. In theoretical world there seems a little to no difference between city and country but when we talk about it with other aspects, we can have a long list of differences – their name, their attitude, their choice, their passion, you name it.
Alright so let’s start with first things first – their persona. They can be different in many ways, when you see a country girl or a boy – he’ll be wearing clothes not so different from city people but the difference is the – color. I’ve noticed many times, country folks wear more clothes with faded colors or pale colors. I think there must be a logical or psychological reason related to that, I don’t know though, but I’ve noticed a lot; they usually wear those long skirts, sleeves tops, big beautiful hats, long socks, and of course a scarf is like must. And it’s handsome; the way they carry themselves with this silent and calm things. I think that’s what it designates – the calmness, the serenity, the beauty they spectacle of their origin. Their colors indicate that peace and sunlight of hay and barley and sunflower and daffodils’ fields where they reside. It directs the way they see the world, which can be absolutely, outright, and utterly different from city people. country

When we talk about city people – talk about precipitation. That’s true; they’re like those rain drops of heavy rain, ready to reach their destination, anyway; anyhow. As once said by Ali Novak in her book called My Life with Walter Boys – “…I found someone who yearned for busy streets, yellow taxis, crazy pigeons, skyscrapers, and wild nightlife as much as I did.” – and that’s true, when you meet a city boy or a city girl, they’re all about city, like if you just pick them up and drop them near a small farm of country side with pigs and bumblebees, they’ll literally start having headaches or maybe even, god forbid, panic attacks. Alright, I think I exaggerated to much, not panic attacks, but still, you won’t find them comfortable at all. They’re like habitual with that enduring, constantly ringing tension and loud noises around them. They don’t have time at all! Like, in the morning, they start their day with coffee, rush for their needy jobs, if a student, make sure to study as well as earn for the living, take their pets for the walk, visit Walmart and markets to fill their daily stocks, make sure to visit their friends; the list can be endless when you ask them about their daily to-do list. They don’t like being in a small perfect house but instead like to climb those long stairs to reach their apartments. They are like loners in their own beautiful world, in a beautiful way. Country folk would be shocked to know about such type of living, but let’s face it guys because that’s what makes them special. It’s a lifeline; daily ants-like life which no matter what, is always esteemed by city people.

I’m not sure whether it’s just me or others who thinks that it’s like impossible to talk about country and city on one post itself. So I’ve decided to post more again on the same topic, maybe next week, next month; I’m not sure. Anyway, till that let’s wish each other a really thoughtful, fruitful and happy day!! large



28 November 2016



3 thoughts on “C or C? (Part 1)

  1. hey u have written it fine but i would like to read about ur real life experiences on the difference and similarities between city life and rural life.. dress here u mentioned about hats..? how people from rural areas want to be like urban people etc.. their thoughts, emotions, acceptance to the difference..


    1. Miss; the thing is, this concept – country or city – is mainly followed around the world except some countries, from which one is India. In India, people doesn’t follow this concept at all. So like, for your question, my answer would be that no one from country girl or boy wish to become a city boy or girl and vise versa. Well, there can be expectations


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