Cause we’ll always come back home…

​Okay…um…so…alright! I know it’s kinda too long since I posted last time, but truly saying, I was way too busy with my studies and stuff. So as I was saying, the thing is; I don’t have a proper topic to talk about. I mean, you know I’m like trying to spread good vibes and many many interesting things of my life – which are kinda hard to figure out. Okay; so before I start my today’s rant, you gotta read my poem first:


You left at the dusk of May

Without the memories that stay

You said you’ll be happy there

I hope it wasn’t your err

Away from the afternoon sun

You went missing for the autumn fun

To the cold cities you roam

I know you’ll never come back home

You’ll miss your small sleeps

You said you’ll gain in heaps

I hope it’s true

Missing the memories; you grew

They say the world is round

I hope we’ll meet around

At the cold cities you roam

Cause I know you’ll never come back home

20 November 2016


I really, really hope that you read the poem and didn’t just skip it like you do whilst walking on a pavement and ignoring that small cute kitten. Like, c’mon, we all meet cute animals on our ways. Alright, back to the topic, so as you read my poem which is about a person who left his home to fulfill his dreams and live happily. But my question is, is it real? Is it true that we can live away from our family and friends and pets and home and those small attachments, you name it? Well, the answer can be yes sometimes, it depends on the relationship of the individual and his attachments; but guess what, for us, the answer is always no. I’m not sure whether it’s just we Indians or many others who believe in the stereotype that – the one who goes away would never come back. I don’t think that true. Like dude, is it compulsory for that person to come and visit his/her family and friends? Can’t family and friends go and visit them? I’m not saying that families and friends don’t visit but still, like, stop holding onto their dreams and let them go.

Okay, so like yesterday, I met this person, (though I don’t know his name) and he was I think in his late thirties and from Kolhapur – a city in western India. He asked me ways to reach the local train station, so I did and the thing is I met him on the bridge which is like right next to my school and local station, so we walked together for some minutes. So as I was saying, he was form Kolhapur and guess why he came here in Mumbai? To meet his dearest daughter who’s studying here! See! That’s what I’m trying to say, even families can come and visit their family members out there in big stupid cities! So stop ranting about how your sons and daughters left everything and stop making them feel the inappropriate guilt!

So I hope that I was clear with what I tried to say here, I’m truly saying I’m not criticizing someone or something, I’m just like sharing my rants. So till that, have a nice and happy-happy day and don’t forget to smile in the morning and compliment those small cute animals that come on your way!!


11 November 2016



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