And at the end it’s all reality. It doesn’t matter what you dream of at the night. It doesn’t matter what you day dream about, whom you daydream about. Because ultimately, you will come back to reality; you have to, wherein each and every moment you face is either sad or emotionless. And between those sad and emotionless situations, is where your happy and moments that please you hide. You usually won’t notice them, though sometimes, people choose not to notice them. People sometimes just wait to get the day over so they can think about everything and just how it could’ve been better. They keep thinking that if they might’ve avoided doing this, then outcome might’ve been different; might’ve been what they want. This seems the real problem. Unable to cherish, moreover, accept the outcomes and situations people are in. Happiness is a hidden treasure, it’s our job to find it and perish it.


13 April 2017





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