Dear Love…

Dear love,

Long back, years ago, we made some promises. We had promised each other that we won’t break them. We promised each other, that no matter what happens, we’ll always love each other. We had promised that no matter who comes in our lives, we’ll still keep that little place for each other in our hearts. We had promised that we’ll remember everything, our vows, our kisses, our words, our touches, our nights, our moments, our dreams; and our love. But I guess; those things were meaningless to our souls, maybe we weren’t meant to be together and face the storm. But I don’t blame you though; because I know you’re feeling the same grief which I do. I guess this world didn’t approve what we were, or maybe we were still young when we made those promises. I know, things have changed now, our lives have changed. I know that maybe we don’t love each other much; the way we did before. But I want you to know, that I still hope, that things would’ve changed. I do wish, if only we had made better choices, we would’ve been together. I still regret walking away and being selfish. I know you are hurt, a lot, you might as well hate me but I do hope that you still have little love towards me; a little space in your heart for me. I still wish to have one more chance, to feel you, to feel our love once again. And I do hope that you could feel the same. We may not be able to love again the way we did in the past, but maybe we can create our own new world, within our new lives; maybe we can fall again for each other. I hope you read this and know that I still love you, that I still have that little place for you inside my heart. I wish you would feel the same. Please don’t lose hope. Don’t give up on us so soon… 

Yours in Love.




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