The Story of a Lioness

Today, I saw a show about the endangered species of Lions who survive in the deserts of Namib. There was this group of lions and lioness who were trying to survive in that deadly desert. At one point of time, this one lioness gets abandoned by her pride and well, she’s really far away from her pride and isn’t able to find her way back home. The pride to which she belongs, well, even they are not able to find her so they kind of stop searching for her. This lioness, tries to find food for her, but we shouldn’t forget that lionesses and lions always stay in their pride, hunt in pride, stay within pride, die within pride; everything within the pride. They are not capable of surviving alone. That lioness that was mislaid, she eventually died within 2 – 3 months. She wasn’t able to survive the loneliness in this ruthless world.

          So will I survive? Will I be able to live thousands of miles away from my pride? Will I gain something or anything without them being with me? Am I capable of being alone? I don’t know.



24 April 2017


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