The Peach Keeper

The Peach Keeper, by Sarah Addison Allen. Paxton Osgood was one of the enthralling character of The Peach. The Ms. Perfect; the residents of Walls of Waters saw her with admiration of being capable and head strong woman. The one who was always perfect, known to be perfect. When Paxton meets Willa; The Joker, Willa compliments her for her abilities, only to make Paxton frown with realization; that she was the one who disliked her own abilities. Though she was head strong and capable, she didn’t find herself independent like her brother Colin and Willa. Whilst confronting Paxton to understand that she was a confident and inspiring woman, Willa said to her that happiness doesn’t come alone, when you feel happy, when you realize that you’re actually happy; that feeling would also be accompanied by The Fear. Being happy always comes with being scared. When you’re happy, you feel scared that you might act out. You might feel that what if this happiness goes away? What if this feeling leaves and what I feel next would be wrathful? Now, we really don’t want that to happen right? But are we really pleased by the fact that our blissful moments of happiness are always accompanied by the fear of losing those moments? Do we actually ever realize that we’re scared to be happy? Well, seems like the search continues…






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