Moon Gazing


I’ve been gazing Moon since last two weeks, maybe more than that. I’ve been in this open town since a fortnight. Staring at the Sky, feeling those untiring clouds, joining the stars, gawking the moon like a wolf, admiring the darkness of vast sky has become a routine for me. I don’t know what I get, I don’t know why I do that, but I just do; Gazing the Moon. I don’t know what it makes me feel, but I’m sure that it is make a difference in the end of the day. Maybe it calms me down. In the city full of skyscrapers and buildings and dirt and pigeons and noises, I think you can never find this beauty. After so much restlessness and ambiguity, I think I’ve decided to write what I feel.

Today, The Moon was blur. Since 2 – 3 days, I’ve been trying to take a perfect picture of this beauty, but I’m unsuccessful. Maybe it is so superior that its not meant to make a copy of it. Tonight, The Sky was crowded with enomerous smoke-like gray and pale white clouds. I wasn’t able to see any stars up there. But Moon being The Mighty, was still visible, through the chaos of those clouds, it was still able to show itself. It looked breathtaking, moon shining through the various shapes of the cloud and still rising through it. It felt as if The Light itself was making its way through the clouds, trying to reach The Earth. Or moreover, it also felt as if The Universe was trying to show me the way through The Darkness, towards The Light. It felt Terrific.

Tonight, The Moon is brightest I have ever seen. The clouds are still there, with the same solemnity though not crowded like yesterday. But The Moon is too bright today, bright enough to fade away all the stars around it. I cannot see a single star and I think it makes my feel ambivalent. I am fascinated by the fact that moon is shinning brightly and is not covered by clouds but I don’t think I like the absence of stars appealing. I really can’t explain what I feel or what should I feel about this. I think I’m Numb.





One thought on “Moon Gazing

  1. Love your style of writing. We all gaze upon the moon. I wonder how novel our reflections are, and how we connect across the centuries with our marvel. ❤


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