​To The Guy I Love Whose Lover I Cannot Be

​To the guy I love whose lover I cannot be,

I met you in the midst of the chaos of my life.

I might’ve considered myself as your lover but I’m sorry, I can’t be that. 

You made me feel like I belong, you made me feel the love, the intimate soul.

Maybe you’re just the wind that came and went by; maybe you’re just a temporary home.

But you made me realize my worth, the beauty in my words; the inspirer.

You might think that you’re the light in my life, but let me tell you, you’re the one who made me understand the beauty of the darkness behind those stars. 

Maybe I’ll bring you the light of the heaven. Maybe I’ll kiss you and bring you your breath.

But I can’t love you back.

We might care for each other. We might as well die or kill for each other. But I think we can’t make each other happy.

When you read this letter, you might want me to reason out my words. But I hope you don’t ask that for I don’t want to be responsible of what you comprehend.

When you read this letter, think of me as a numb stranger. Think of me as an emotion machine, unable to feel yet make you feel everything you ever wanted. Think of me as your cheater, the despised, obnoxious soul. Think of me nothing when you read this.

From the girl you love whose lover you can never be.




Daily Prompt Challenge: Vague

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