I Have (Prose)

I have seen a little sparrow wrap its feathers around itself in the middle of the night when its harsh cold and all it has is an empty dead branch to sit on.

I have seen the snow shinning bright like diamonds and falling off the sky when sun rays shine through it.

I have been up for thousands of nights and stood still in a moment during daylights.

I have felt my foe and my angel.

I have felt the unruly wild emotions as well as numb.

I have struggled in the thousands of scattered reminiscences to find myself and vision about my future.

I have roamed each and every street alone just in hope to find someone.

Someone who would see right through me.

Someone who would unveil my soul naked and engulf me all.

But it seems that the stars have something else destined for me, for every time I roam around alone in the streets;

I find myself.


January 2018



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