Love of Fall


She walks at the sun is about to set

Her little feet crumbling the dry leaves

As she trolls slowly in the woods

Like a lost butterfly in a new fresh meadow

She walks by every tree on her way

Touching them, as if embracing her new home

She also collects all the leaves

Which reminds her of her own beauty

Torn, rusty and raw at every edge

She awaits her love for motions of falling leaves

As they all fall slowly in the lake

Why would she be here?

Why would she smile among the woods?

Where a lost skater boy watches her

Sitting alone in empty woods

Whilst she gawks at him like an eagle

For all she knows, he reminds her of someone

Someone she loved long ago

Someone who said he’d be gone

And for someone who promised love for eternal

But left her alone to be in love

Had he made fool of himself?

Did he not know her at all?

How could she be in love with him for eternal?

When he told her that this was a love of fall.




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