Death Be Sweet


I possess no soul

I possess no mind

I am the wanderer

Of the dead forest

I am the black bird

Who sits on the highest branch

Of the empty tree

In the spring

I am the dead drunk

On the midtown subway pavement

That you cringe at

I breathe while the earth sighs

I sleep while the vultures cry

I walk around this dark town

Slow like an elephant

As you stare me with pity

I stare at you like a hawk

I carry a universe with me

I live your worst nightmare

I have a thorn

That carves devil’s stories

On my skin every second

I scream every night

My voice screeching like an eagle’s

But all you can hear is a whimper

My body trembles

My eyes are red with blood

Sweat drips from every

Inch of my skin

As I stand here

In front of you

Telling you this

I have lived through hell

But let the death be sweet





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