A Stranger Told


It was a lazy Sunday morning

Rain was pouring through like a wild stream

Had a cold tea in a small bowl,

mind seemed uselessly wandering

Through the lonely showering of waters,

it felt numb

Unable to comprehend the feeling

The urge to feel, the rain, the silence

A stranger told, write it out

Let it out

Your ecstatic dreams, your euphoric words

They might as well do something

Like the dancing crow out there in rain

Like a young wet boy out in shame

Make the world go round in the bliss

Letting legs wet, maybe just with a kiss



Words that shine through my soul

Had I forgotten the power they hold?

It were there through the darkness

Through the light

Through the shadows running wild

Through that distracted girl under the apple tree

Feeling the moment, felt the beauty

Words can traumatize this bittersweet world

Like the eagle that fly upon dark clouds

Like that lion who died among lonely frauds

Like this words which I’m feeling in this poem

Have I left something out?

Maybe the tragedy of that beating heart

Maybe the story of those sinful lips

Maybe the legend of that sad love

Pity me; I can’t feel what everyone feels




Where I used to live.


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