Stories from Ludlow Street

I have been in Cincinnati since August 2017.

I have known the Ludlow Street since November 2017 and it has not failed to amaze me each and every time I visit it. This street has a lot of shops and stuffs but my favorite are the coffeehouse Lydia’s on Ludlow and then the Esquire Theater. Esquire Theater is a small town Theater with occasional good movies, but still lovely!

On the other hand, Lydia’s on Ludlow, is one of the best place I have ever been to. I love this place! I love the people who I have met in this place! It is blissful, serene and just lovely! Though there are two things that makes it the best – 1) Every table has a dairy where you can write whatever you feel like writing,  which means you get a chance of reading thousands of stories! 2) Every Thursday evening, they have an Open Mic where anyone can come and perform, its like a free lovely concert! So here is my collection of few pictures I have clicked around Ludlow Street and of course of the coffeehouse – Lydia’s on Ludlow!




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