Smiling Sudhana

According to the archaeologists, this boy has a reverent gesture but I really believe that he is smiling, probably at a guest or someone. To me, his smiling expression says – “Please join me! Let’s have fun together! I invite you to join me for my great adventure!” I love him!

Btw, this is actually weird fact but something that I am most proud of – my name is Smit. My name is from Hindi Language Origin which means smile! Keep smiling folks!

Pilgrim Sudhana (Shancai tongzi) (From The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)

Pilgrim Sudhana (Shancai tongzi)

    Ming dynasty (1368–1644)
late 15th–early 17th century

Sculptures of a standing boy holding his hands in a reverent gesture often represent Sudhana, a young pilgrim who traveled throughout South and Southeast Asia to study with learned masters and celestial bodhisattvas in his quest for enlightenment. In China, he is often shown venerating the bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, whom he visited during his journeys.




Smit (Smile!)

Daily Photo Challenge: Smile

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