Rogue Planet


there are Jupiter-sized planets called rogue

as predicted by an authentic astrologue.

they roam around the galaxies on their own

without a star or sun to call home

little do we know about them

one might say that they are filled with mayhem

or perhaps filled with flowers of diamond dust

but for flowers, light is must

since flowers can’t grow without light.


maybe this rogue planet has people

very few who survive on sleep pill

cause who would want to wake up

when sun’s never to be risen up

those must be quite lightless individuals

with darkness covering them like wall mural

but I dare do not underestimate the shine

of the billions of stars like shrine

can you imagine how that world would be?

When you can see nothing but the stars in sea

I feel quite confused whether I like rogue planets or not

Cause I’m not sure whether I want sea of stars or not

Sea of stars does sound serene

But living without sun make me demean

The meaning of the word life




Daily Post Challenge: Authentic


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