A Tale – 4.24.2018


he touches you and you light on fire.

your wrist blazes where his fingers meet your skin.

the burns don’t show, but it’s hard to breathe

with ash in your lungs. it’s so hard to breathe.

you’re suffocating daily.


Amended by Astrid Sterner from Vogue Italia



it hurts to watch him. he shines.

he’s brighter than the sun.

he’s too beautiful for your eyes.

it’s hard to look at him.

it’s even harder to look away from him.

you’re going blind.




your ears are tuned to his voice.

you could pick him out in a sea of thousands.

his voice makes pretty singers

who sing pretty songs sound dull.

his voice makes everything else sound ugly.





the color of his eyes is

deep enough to drown in.

he is turning you into

a clichéd love-wrecking being.

you’re drowning, always sinking.

down, down, down.



you know him. you love him.

through a thousand lifetimes,

across millions of stars. you’d find him.

you’d never leave him. you love him,

till death do you part.



he loves you too.



– Anonymous




Pictures Credit: Astrid Sterner

Daily Prompt Challenge: Vague

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