I Like This

I like this

Us sitting beside the window, having coffee and listening to the birds?

Not just that, but also the way we are talking

You smiled a little, “what do you mean?”

Usually when we talk, alone or not alone, your voice is deep, concrete, confident. Right now, it’s different, its tender and on edge. I like it, its soft, as if trying not to disturb the singing of the birds.

You said nothing; just smiled delicately and looked into my void eyes.



Then we both gazed outside and uttered no word.

I call this vague right now because to a reader, this extract is vague. It has no concrete background, characters or a plot line.  I am not sure whether this is a final piece or not, I will try to have a background and all the elements for this extract but if I can’t, I will keep it the same. Please do comment on any suggestions and edits! I appreciate them a lot!




Daily Prompt Challenge: Vague

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