Last Day

It’s 15th of August. Last day as a 17 year old girl. Last day as a girl who thought she still has time to figure out who she is and where she belongs. Last day to figure out myself, for tomorrow – tomorrow I’ll be 18 and I will be obliged to have my life figured out, my plans, my goals everything.

This is the first time I am trying to plan how to spend my birthday. I don’t know why though. Is it because I am turning 18? I am not excited for the day, just hopeful to fulfill it the way I have been planning right now. Today though, a day before turning 18 seems to be more important than tomorrow itself. It feels as if I am obliged to leave who I am as a 17 years old girl and become someone else tomorrow. It just feels weird. It feels as if, turning 18 would change me, make me a normal human with a settled life and fixed plans for her life. Its weird.

Anyway, for today though, I found these two pictures that describe me how I feel about today as well as tomorrow:




2 thoughts on “Last Day

  1. My plans, my designs never work out and it happens with most people. We make plans before entering this life and everything that happens is as per that. We just have to go with God’s plan without complaining. Go with the flow and equip yourself with things and people that may save you during different shocks life will throw your way. But don’t have this false belief that life will move as per your plan. You just have to do your best at doing things that are pre planned.

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