The Photograph

They say that the time never stops But didn’t they tell you that I can even stop drops? It’s me, the photograph, who’ll hold you Till the time it gets better, even if the time flew People say that I’m just a copy, just an ‘it’ But I’m capable of holding moments, making everything lit … More The Photograph

A Stranger Told

  It was a lazy Sunday morning Rain was pouring through like a wild stream Had a cold tea in a small bowl, mind seemed uselessly wandering Through the lonely showering of waters, it felt numb Unable to comprehend the feeling The urge to feel, the rain, the silence A stranger told, write it out … More A Stranger Told


“Love?” “An Illusion.” “Religion?” “The fashionable substitute for Belief.” “You are a skeptic.” “Never! Skepticism is the beginning of Faith.” “What are you?” “To define is to limit.” – An extract from The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

I Wanna Go There

I wanna go there Where stars shine bright in the dark Where beetles keep rumming on the bark Near the house old with stone walls I wanna go there Where people smile and share talks Where rabbits run and scare flocks Above the rusty window and noisy crows I wanna go there Where birds sings … More I Wanna Go There

I Know

I know. I know people. I look at them, I observe them, I notice them. They mind their own business most of the time. But sometimes, they become like me. Even they, look, notice, and observe but not people; someone. I see it when a boy smirks silently when he sits beside a pretty girl … More I Know


  The soft breeze caressed my skin When I sat there on the bench Writing a memory from the dreams. As a little leaf fell floating in the lake I remembered what we used to be. Like two fallen autumn leaves, Floating together in the cold world As my soothing coffee touched my lips, I … More Disappeared