A Stranger Told

  It was a lazy Sunday morning Rain was pouring through like a wild stream Had a cold tea in a small bowl, mind seemed uselessly wandering Through the lonely showering of waters, it felt numb Unable to comprehend the feeling The urge to feel, the rain, the silence A stranger told, write it out … More A Stranger Told


“Love?” “An Illusion.” “Religion?” “The fashionable substitute for Belief.” “You are a skeptic.” “Never! Skepticism is the beginning of Faith.” “What are you?” “To define is to limit.” – An extract from The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

I Know

I know. I know people. I look at them, I observe them, I notice them. They mind their own business most of the time. But sometimes, they become like me. Even they, look, notice, and observe but not people; someone. I see it when a boy smirks silently when he sits beside a pretty girl … More I Know

Dead Love

  Among the rustling crowds & empty winds Was a guy sitting with blue eyes Still in the chaos of the world He was stuck there, like a statue Like a golden memory enlightened in gray thoughts Every night, I came here To see him among ant-like humans   I could sit afar on a … More Dead Love

I Have (Prose)

I have seen a little sparrow wrap its feathers around itself in the middle of the night when its harsh cold and all it has is an empty dead branch to sit on. I have seen the snow shinning bright like diamonds and falling off the sky when sun rays shine through it. I have … More I Have (Prose)

I Have

I haven’t seen the seas where horizons meet I haven’t seen the ship leaving a lonely lighthouse I haven’t seen the shapes the clouds make I haven’t seen a bird sleep peacefully on a tree branch at night I haven’t felt the emotion of losing someone dearly I haven’t felt the joy of reminiscing a … More I Have

Moon Gazing

06:05:2017 I’ve been gazing Moon since last two weeks, maybe more than that. I’ve been in this open town since a fortnight. Staring at the Sky, feeling those untiring clouds, joining the stars, gawking the moon like a wolf, admiring the darkness of vast sky has become a routine for me. I don’t know what … More Moon Gazing