I Know

I know. I know people. I look at them, I observe them, I notice them. They mind their own business most of the time. But sometimes, they become like me. Even they, look, notice, and observe but not people; someone. I see it when a boy smirks silently when he sits beside a pretty girl … More I Know


  The soft breeze caressed my skin When I sat there on the bench Writing a memory from the dreams. As a little leaf fell floating in the lake I remembered what we used to be. Like two fallen autumn leaves, Floating together in the cold world As my soothing coffee touched my lips, I … More Disappeared

Dead Love

  Among the rustling crowds & empty winds Was a guy sitting with blue eyes Still in the chaos of the world He was stuck there, like a statue Like a golden memory enlightened in gray thoughts Every night, I came here To see him among ant-like humans   I could sit afar on a … More Dead Love

I Have (Prose)

I have seen a little sparrow wrap its feathers around itself in the middle of the night when its harsh cold and all it has is an empty dead branch to sit on. I have seen the snow shinning bright like diamonds and falling off the sky when sun rays shine through it. I have … More I Have (Prose)

I Have

I haven’t seen the seas where horizons meet I haven’t seen the ship leaving a lonely lighthouse I haven’t seen the shapes the clouds make I haven’t seen a bird sleep peacefully on a tree branch at night I haven’t felt the emotion of losing someone dearly I haven’t felt the joy of reminiscing a … More I Have

Moon Gazing

06:05:2017 I’ve been gazing Moon since last two weeks, maybe more than that. I’ve been in this open town since a fortnight. Staring at the Sky, feeling those untiring clouds, joining the stars, gawking the moon like a wolf, admiring the darkness of vast sky has become a routine for me. I don’t know what … More Moon Gazing

The Home

​But we were sitting there; on the rooftop of the old flower shop. The shop was grey and rusty and dirty and well, empty. It seemed like a hideaway, a perfect escape for people like me and my friends. But we decided on going at its rooftop, because we thought that it isn’t good to … More The Home

The Peach Keeper

The Peach Keeper, by Sarah Addison Allen. Paxton Osgood was one of the enthralling character of The Peach. The Ms. Perfect; the residents of Walls of Waters saw her with admiration of being capable and head strong woman. The one who was always perfect, known to be perfect. When Paxton meets Willa; The Joker, Willa … More The Peach Keeper