Have you ever loved a rose, and watched her slowly bloom; and as her petals would unfold, you grew drunk on her perfume. Have you seen her dance, her leaves all wet with dew; and quivered with a new romance– the wind, he loved her too. Have you ever longer for her, on nights that … More Rose


“Like boarding a train running parallel. That’s what disappearing is.”                                                         – Haruki Murakami  4.19.18 14.14 Smit via Daily Prompt: Parallel

Death Be Sweet

  I possess no soul I possess no mind I am the wanderer Of the dead forest I am the black bird Who sits on the highest branch Of the empty tree In the spring I am the dead drunk On the midtown subway pavement That you cringe at I breathe while the earth sighs … More Death Be Sweet

A Walk in Brooklyn

15th March 2018. Late morning and early noon was when I was in Brooklyn; specifically Brooklyn Heights. I haven’t read much about Brooklyn Heights so if I describe it from my own experience, it’s silent, vintage and peaceful. Just as Betty Smith starts her book A Tree Grows in Brooklyn – “Serene was a word … More A Walk in Brooklyn